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the game is ok.but it wont let me update my old acount to make it new and i get 7000 robox.its a good gamebut i dont know how to explain it.


how do i get robox i have an account but it says it will give me robox each day


first time i get onto this game (roblox) i buy 25000 R$ then when i get onto this one i log in it says i have 0 so yeah thats a problem then im like”its a glitch don’t worry” then wen i get onto my safari it says i have 0 aswell so go #### ########!


at least you people can ply it. i download the game log in and i go to play pokemon project but it still tells me to download

I know that I love this app, but I need help going on

Would you please help me? I have no idea how to play any games on this app.

hate this

when you open this up it will not let you play the games until you download it again because when you install it, it just goes to your downloads but if you want it to work you have to use it as a desktop app. i am a busy person and i use my space for more important things. so if you do get this then you will wasting double the space


This makes my browsing much better! I can see my ROBLOX stuff anywhere!


Awesome game but needs glitches to be fixed

Is this legit?

I downloaded it. It crashed a few times… and I don’t want my account info put out to a complete stranger.


i try to open a game and it says that a window will pop up but it wont. so this app is useless


okay so i click on it, it says its open, but its not, and i dont even know how to un install it.

it wont let me play

i triy to play it but it wont it ses evre time i click on the i con it ses rob lox cant be doubled be cus it whas not bot frum the app store and it whas bot frum the app store


Game should be updated for Mac version 10.10.4. applecare Tech. stated that is the problem, i don’t know who to believe.


this game is a great game because u can play with other peopleon people worlds they made

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